The cake


  • 300 gram flour
  • 300 gram sugar
  • 150 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 150 ml milk
  • 16 gram dry gist for cakes
  • 5 eggs
  • Rasped lemon skin of one lemon (optional)
  • 20 gram cocoa powder

Baking Instructions

Put the flour in a big bowl, add the gist powder and mix them together. Add the sugar and mix.
Put the eggs, the oil and the milk, mix them first with a wooden spoon and then for about 3 minutes with a mixer.
Add the lemon skin rasped and mix further.
Grease with butter the baking form and fill half of the dough in the baking form.
Add the cocoa powder to the remaining half of the dough and mix it well. Add in the backing form the brown dough on top of the white dough.
Place in the oven for about 50 minutes at 180 degrees (if you use ventilated oven it can be ready a few minutes earlier).
Attention: Do not open the oven till the cake has grown, you may open and check the cooking only towards the end, (the last 10 minutes of cooking).
Before taking it out of the baking form let it cool down for 10 minutes, then turn the form and it will come out easily.
You can decorate the cake with sugar powder on top.

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva


Classic: indispensable for the healthy and tasty cooking of every day.
Medium Fruity, with fresh cut grass aroma.
It combines easily with bread, salads, pasta, soups, meat and fish.

500 ml bottle

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

5 Liter can


The Flavoured Oils


They are obtained by crushing fresh olives with citrus or vegatables, or by infusing the the fresh spices directly in extravergin olive oil.

Lemon Oil


Fresh and delicate.
Suitable for fish, carpaccio, salads and vegetables.

250 ml bottle

Orange Oil


Elegant and fresh.
Combines well with chicken, salads, nuts, fennel, pork.

250 ml bottle

Basil Oil


Fresh and intense basil taste.
Classic on mozzarella and tomatoes, bread, salads, vegetables and soups.

250 ml bottle

Garlic Oil


Ideal on bruschetta, slices of bread, soups, pasta, pizza, meats.

250 ml bottle

Peperoncino Oil


Fresh Chili Peppers infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
For those who like to add some spice to the dishes.
Combines with pasta, soups, pizza, rice, meats.

250 ml bottle

Truffle Oil


Aromatic Truffle Oil.
To add truffle taste and aroma on pasta, meats, soups.

250 ml bottle