Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

De Ritis – Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva.

The Oil: A classic indispensable oil for the healthy and tasty cooking of every day. Medium Fruity, with fresh cut grass aroma. It combines easily with bread, salads, pasta, soups, meat and fish. It comes in a 500 ml bottle or in a 5 Lt.

A special selection of Italian Award-Winning Premium Olive Oil Producers

The Italian territory from north to south, with an incredible biodiversity, offers a large variety of cultivars (approximately 600). Each of them has a unique tastes and distinctive flavour.

Flavoured Oils

A range of aromatic oils obtained by crushing fresh olives with citrus or vegetables, or by infusing the fresh spices directly in extra virgin olive oil.

Lemon Oil

Fresh and delicate. Suitable for fish, carpaccio, salads and vegetables. 250 ml bottle.

Basil Oil

Fresh and intense basil taste. Classic on mozzarella and tomatoes, bread, salads, vegetables and soups. 250 ml bottle.

Garlic Oil

Ideal on bruschetta, slices of bread, soups, pasta, pizza, meats. 250 ml bottle.

Pepperoncino Oil

Fresh Chili Peppers infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For those who like to add some spice to the dishes. Combines with pasta, soups, pizza, rice, meats. 250 ml bottle.

Truffle Oil

Aromatic Truffle Oil. To add truffle taste and aroma on pasta, meats, soups. 250 ml bottle.


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