Olive Oil school

By Francesca De Ritis

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a taste emphasiser, it is pure, it comes from a fruit, it has a long history, it is a base ingredient in the kitchen.

Often People starting to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, food passionate or professionals would like to know more about it. I Offer different type of trainings.

All the sessions can be customized to the desire of the client.

Services and trainings:


Tasting sessions

For individuals, groups or events.

Learn in a short time some history of Olive Oil, get orientation on how you can choose your oil. Learn how to taste and appreciate high quality EVOO.

Get to know some of the World Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils form different Italian regions and cultivars. Find out how to best combine Olive Oil with your dishes (food pairing).


Training sessions in collaboration with ONAOO

For passionate food lovers and professionals that desire to deepen their knowledge.

After learning some facts and history of Olive Oil in the World learn how to:

  • Appreciate the Positive Attributes of a good extra virgin olive oil
  • Recognize the Negative Attributes of an olive oil by tasting it
  • Combine Extra Virgin Olive Oils of different intensity with your food
  • And what happens to a good dish when using a “defected” oil

Customized Training and Consultancy

For professionals – Chefs and Retailers.

Learning about quality differences in EVOO. Rank and evaluate the oils that you use or have in your shelf. Get oriented and find the best price/quality match for your restaurant or shelf space.

Optimize the use of the Olive Oil and pair the right flavour and intensity of the oil to your dishes. Educate your store and restaurant team, educate and work close to customers, increase your revenue and quality of services.

For more information or booking a training please contact: 
Francesca De Ritis
T. 0619614322

“Extra Virgin Olive Oil like you never experienced before!”


Francesca De Ritis

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