Family De Ritis

“My family comes from a hilly area of Abruzzo, a region in the center of Italy.”


For generations the De Ritis family has been growing olives and milling extra vergine olive oil.

We are convinced of the importance of high quality in EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

We understand that superior taste in EVOO is only obtained by deep passion and attention to each phase of the production; starting from farming to harvesting and finally milling, using with knowledge the most modern technologies to extract extra vergine olive oil.

“Today we are an olive grower and importer of some of the best Italian premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils.”


We mainly select our oils in Italy; choosing among some of the best World producers. Our oils offer is a range of regional excellence: for each dish its oil.

We are Flos Olei Point in the Netherlands, and our oils are winners of some of the most prestigious world competitions and recognitions.


Francesca De Ritis

Zocherstraat 28, 1054 LZ – Amsterdam – Nederland
T. 0619614322